Rabbit (scarfacerabbit) wrote,

birthday bath satori

this week
i've dreamt of a new home
a lot.
a lot
like this one i'm in
only slightly larger
and neater
and with more windows...


i replaced the candle on the tall iron stand in my bathroom last week
and have been mildly disappointed each night that the new candle
burns very dim.

tonight/this morning is my birthday
and as i lay in tonight's warm water
stretching my fingers' frozen tendons
my mind drifted off
somewhere in a foreign film
when it ocurred to me:

my steamship-boiler-room-flavored bathroom
is from a foreign film somewhere
as perhaps my concrete-walled dining room with no dining table
or the absurd languor of the Casbah Lounge
and Martin Denny's beauties smiling down on the obstetrics table

just as this satori of appreciation
of seeing anew
sparked me,
the candle flame grew more than three times brighter
and stayed that way
until i blew it out
as the water flowed away...


this year
i live in a new home.
a lot
like the one i've been in
only slightly larger
and neater
and with more windows...
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