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the resurgence of human-powered flight

Astro.com sez:

Transit selected for today:
Sun Conjunction Med.Coeli
activity period from 25 July 2002 to 27 July 2002.

A strong will
This is a day when you should put all of your attention and energy into getting ahead and attaining your ambitions. More than any other influence, this one signifies ego expression and expressing your will. You are inclined to be more strong-willed than usual today, to the point that you may not make compromises even when you should. Pursue your own objectives, but don't be so willful that you alienate others unnecessarily. In your dealings with superiors, this influence has a double-sided significance. You may alienate your superiors because they see your actions as a threat to themselves, or you may win their regard and support. It all depends upon your relationship with them and your attitude toward authority figures in general; either way, you will have extensive dealings with people in power.

I say:

Fuck that. It's a day late:
I made a fist yesterday.
As soon as I can move my shoulder
I'm comin' out swinging.

I can feel the outline
of one of the brackets
through my skin.
I've decided it's sexy.
It's gonna have to be.

I hold
my father's cane
in both hands
before me
like a vaudeville act
gone horribly wrong
or a gimp
thinking he knows
enough about
the body and energy
to invent
new tai chis
and why not
i've already invented
more than
a hundred
I like
Infinitely Slow Walk
the best.
with the cane
my good arm
moves my bad
puppet limb
how to live.

it's coming for me
through the trees
and i say:
bring it on.
i got a stick.

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